Manage Simulator Screenshots with Screen Purge

Hey iOS Developers!

We all know the struggle of having a cluttered desktop filled with stale iOS Simulator screenshots. That's why I created Screen Purge - an iOS Simulator Screenshot cleaner.

Screen Purge is specifically designed to simplify the process of managing and deleting iOS Simulator screenshots and recordings. With just a few clicks, you can say goodbye to unnecessary clutter and hello to a clean and focused desktop.

Screen Purge will automatically find all iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, etc. screenshots on your Desktop making it that much easier to get rid of unwanted screenshots and recordings.

Screen Purge in action

You can download it for free here!

Screen Purge: Manage Your iOS Simulator Screenshots
Introducing Screen Purge!The ultimate tool for iOS developers to efficiently manage and organize their iOS Simulator Screenshots and recordings. Designed specifically for iOS engineers, this powerful utility simplifies the process of clearing away stale and cluttered screenshots, ensuring a streamli…

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