3D Printing A Coat Rack For $12.42

After impulse purchasing a 3D printer a few months ago, I quickly found myself with a new hobby. In just a few weeks, my apartment started to fill up with an eclectic mix of prints from Thingiverse and Printables.

Along the way, I discovered a passion for mechatronics and realized I would need to improve my 3D modeling abilities if I wanted to build anything substantial.

So, I decided to set aside some time to properly learn Fusion 360. After an evening spent skimming through Skillshare courses and YouTube videos, I felt like I was ready to tackle my first 3D modeling project.

Earlier in the week, I had seen a coat rack like this in the store, but couldn't justify its price. So, I decided I'd try 3D printing it instead.

After a few more hours in Fusion 360, I had completed the initial model for an over-the-door coat rack:

You can download the model here

Since the accuracy of a 3D print can be affected by ambient temperature, material type, printing bed stability, etc., I knew the design would need to have some wiggle room.

I did several test prints in order to find the right tolerances that would ensure a snug fit over the door frame:

Test prints to find the right tolerances

Since my 3D printer's bed was too small for the model, I had to separate it into two interconnected parts. Fortunately, Fusion 360 has a plug-in that lets you create snap-fit models easily:

Part 1 3D Model
Part 2 3D Model

With the modeling finished, I imported the parts into Ultimaker CURA and started printing.

Printing Info

Part 1

  • Print Time: 1 day 7 hours and 53 minutes
  • Weight: 278g
  • Cost: $6.26

Part 2

  • Print Time: 1 day 7 hours and 35 minutes
  • Weight: 276g
  • Cost: $6.21

Total Print

  • Print Time: 2 day 15hr 28 min => ~63.5 hrs of continuous printing
  • Weight: 554g => 1.22 lbs
  • Cost: $12.42

Final Results

These photos are taken after a few months of wear and tear hence the discoloration from the wall paint. Don't tell my landlord 🙏❤️

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