A few months ago, I wrote an article about how to implement iMessage Sticker packs complete with fetching remote images and setting up analytics to see how each individual sticker performs.

Since then, a few friends and family members have expressed interest in creating their own sticker packs. Though you’d expect it to be a fairly straightforward process, it quickly becomes complicated: setting up Xcode, creating an Apple Developer Account ($100), managing App Store submission and code signing, promo codes, etc.

To solve this problem, I spent the last few weeks building StickerSpot. It’s a platform that helps non-technical designers create custom iMessage sticker packs simply by uploading their designs. This also enables designers to earn revenue from the sticker packs they release.

Here’s a quick tutorial walking through the key features of the platform:


Welcome to Sticker Spot, we’re a no-code solution for creating custom iMessage sticker packs.

With just a one-time payment you can create your own sticker pack for the App Store and earn money from your designs. Plus, unlimited updates at no extra cost.

It’s free to create an account and once you log in, you’ll arrive at the Create Your Own Sticker Pack view.

Here, you’ll just need to answer a few basic questions and upload your designs. It might seem like a lot, but all of this information is required for submission with Apple. Don’t worry though, you’ll be able to change all of this information at any time.

There are a few things to pay special attention to. If you pick a name that’s already registered with Apple we’ll work with you to find a new valid name.

Also, make sure that the images you upload abide by the size requirements. 1024 x 1024 for app icons Or one of the following sizes for the individual stickers.

For the keyword section, you’ll want to put tags relevant to your stickers separated by commas. This will help people find your sticker pack on the App Store.

For the marketing URL, this can be any external link you want to promote. It could be a portfolio link, Dribbble account, or whatever else comes to mind. If you don’t have anything, feel free to put this website’s URL.

Once you’ve entered all of the information, you can Save and come back some other time or we can continue with Payment. Once you’ve completed the payment, your sticker pack is activated in our system and we’ll get started on the process of releasing it to the App Store. We’ll send you an email once your app is live!

If you want to make changes to an existing sticker pack, we’ll go to Manage. Here, you can make any change you want. If you want to change the images, make sure you re-upload the existing sticker pack images as well. We’ll take the contents of your most recent upload and release a new version to the App Store. Please note that Apple approval for new sticker packs and updates can range between 24-72 hours.

If you provided a PayPal email address and your sticker packs require payment, we will payout every month. You can go to the Sales page to learn more about your earnings when they become available.

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to me directly at [email protected] or use the Customer Support link in the menu.

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